Magnetic cores for electric transformers with power of 10 kva at 100 MVA, the offer of our new Italian represented, SpecialAcciai S.p.A.

SpecialAcciai S.p.A., from Nove Ligure, Italy, is our new ally since September of this year. Its seriousness, specialty, quality approach and trajectory drive us to represent its brand and products in Latin America convinced of its high potential in this market. Among its products we find: Cores for distribution transformers in oil, in resin and for medium power transformers, as well as sheets cut in silicon steel. They are also able to make personalized projections by choosing materials in order to find the best quality / price ratio.

Our new partner allows us to complete a comprehensive and quality offer for our clients, who once again can find a competitive proposal with the proximity and service that characterize us.

Learn more about the offer and products of SpecialAcciai S.p.A. here

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